So I will be honest.  I had only heard of these two acts.  My brother invited me.  I will say I was really blown away.  Andrew Bird is an incredible singer, violinist, guitarist…and most notably and uniquely- the most incredible whistler I have ever witnessed.  Go check it out on – wow.


1. Make a Picture
2. Lone Didion
3. Atomized
4. Sisyphus
5. Eight
6. Underlands
7. The Night Before Your Birthday
8. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Iron & Wine cover with Iron & Wine – acoustic)
9. Orpheo
10. Muddy Hymnal (Iron & Wine cover)
11. Left Handed Kisses
12. Manifest
13. Strangers (The Kinks cover)
14. Three White Horses
15. Pulaski at Night
16. Never Fall Apart

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