What can I say – she sounded incredible!  She belted it out like it was 1980.  High notes, everything.  If you get a chance to see this Rock and Roll Hall of Famer live- YOU MUST DO It.  It was HOT.  But it was so worth it.


  1.  No you don’t (The Sweet cover)
  2. I need a Lover (John Mellencamp cover)
  3. All Fired Up (Rattling Sabres cover)
  4. We Live for Love
  5. Strawberry Wine
  6. We Belong (Lowen & Navarro cover)
  7. In The Heat Of The Night
  8. Promises In The Dark
  9. Invincible
  10. Shadows of the Night (Helen Schneider cover)
  11. Hell Is for Children
  12. You Better Run (The Young Rascals cover)
  13. Love Is a Battlefield
  14. Helter Skekter (Beatles cover)
  15. Everybody Lay Down
  16. Heartbreaker / Ring of Fire / Heartbreaker

Now I did not know that so many of these songs were covers – but WHO CARES 😉

We Belong video clip

We Live For Love video clip

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